31 US states will have an online voter registration system

A greater number of US states are using online platforms to simplify the voter registration process, facing the upcoming presidential elections in November.

Indonesia plans to implement e-voting in 2019

The government of Indonesia is pondering the idea of implementing electronic voting platforms for the presidential and legislative elections of 2019.

Digital tool developed to promote youth vote in New Zealand

VoteLocal, is a tool developed to offer young people in New Zealand information on the candidates they can vote for during the upcoming elections, hoping that this will encourage them to vote.

Romanians will be able to vote abroad with e-voting

Romanian authorities announced that an e-voting platform will be implemented for the December parliamentary elections. This platform should make it easier for Romanians residing abroad to exercise their democratic right.

US Elections: members of the military want online voting

There is a debate surrounding the voting of military personnel abroad during the upcoming US presidential elections. Currently, members of the military receive their ballots in several ways. In some instances, these can be downloaded and in others they are sent via mail or fax to the army bases in foreign territories.

Democracy Day: Voting technology to strengthen democracy

“The future of democracy is digital. Not only because technology can improve crucial processes in elections, but also because it has the potential of going even further and making the rapport between citizens and governments more dynamic”. 

People demand a participative budget for Mexico City via e-voting

Mexicans residing in the country’s Federal District had the chance to choose, via e-voting, the future of the 2017 participative budget.