Improved Technology is Key to Restoring Trust in the U.S. Voting System

A recent study has revealed some very interesting facts about the perception voters and poll workers have regarding the US voting system. The results highlight voters’ concerns over the current state of America’s voting machines and underline the connection between outdated technology and a lack of trust in U.S. voting systems. The findings, gathered from

Predicting how someone will vote: political issues don’t matter as much as you think

Researchers from Duke University have concluded that voters probably lean more toward candidates that reinforce their identities rather than following political proposals.

Nigerian Senate chooses Supreme Court members using e-voting

The members of the Nigerian Senate confirmed the election of new Supreme Court members, this time using a novelty item: e-voting machines.  “The whole process was carried out by pressing a button”, stated the senators, who claimed the voting was just as simple as saying “yes” or “no”.

US Elections: What you need to know

On Tuesday November 8, the citizens of the United States will elect their president for a four-year term in the White House.  Know more about this electoral process with these 6 key facts.

Technology can improve the integrity of elections

A collection of essays from experts in the International Elections Advisory Council (IEAC) was published in the report “The Future of Elections”, a document that highlights how technology can strengthen democracy and elections integrity.

31 US states will have an online voter registration system

A greater number of US states are using online platforms to simplify the voter registration process, facing the upcoming presidential elections in November.