Ireland: Digital democracy program for voters in Fingal

Roslyn Fuller, aspiring candidate to representative of Fingal county during the latest general elections in Ireland, made available an online voting platform to the voters, so they could choose the main political topics that should be part of the agenda.

Elections in the Philippines: the best perceived in its democratic history

Almost 9 out of 10 Filipinos would like to automate future elections, according to a poll by Pulse Asia Research carried out from July 2-8.

Indian government encourages startups toward the development of voting machines

The administration of India’s Prime Minister Narenda Modi has decided to support startups that show interest in developing e-voting machines. This initiative is part of a government plan to encourage startups in India, and it was directly approved by the Cabinet to foster the creation of secure, reliable and affordable e-voting devices that produce paper trails.

Experts agree Australia is ready for e-voting

The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) recently stated that Australia finds itself at the right time to implement an electronic voting system.

2016 United States Elections open the path to innovation in elections

The upcoming US presidential election in November has led both the Democrat and the Republican parties to seek out innovative alternatives to have a closer relationship with the electorate, young voters in particular.

Technology for a UK adoption of digital democracy

The Internet is practically vital for every task in modern society.  This technology is used for the search of information, accessing public services, and locating polling stations. 

French people seek alternatives in technology to boost voter turnout

A recent poll conducted by the Centre of Political Research at Science Po in Paris (CEVIPOF) states that only 37 % of citizens feel a sense of affiliation with their public bodies, such as the Executive branch or the National Assembly.