Recently, the UK Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party, David Cameron said in a live interview that he doesn’t have any objection to online voting.

Whilst taking part in Sky News’ Ask the Leaders telecast, he was asked about whether politicians are in fact afraid of what would happen if more people voted, the Prime Minister replied:

“Online voting? I don’t have any objection to it.”

David Cameron has “no objection” to online voting

Online voting has become trendy amongst the members of the Labour Party in the UK in the light of a possible adoption. Authorities consider online voting could help increase voter turnout in the UK.

Also, many organisations have asked for a change in the way of voting that would make it more accessible. Such is the case of the charity Scope, who “called for an online voting option to be introduced after a survey they carried out found that more than two-thirds of the general election polling stations failed basic access tests.”


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UK Prime Minister has “no objection” to online voting
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