The island of Guernsey (UK) will use electronic voting to elect an honorary mayor.

Marc Winn, founder of the Dandelion Project said he wants to see if island-wide electronic voting can work.

The winning candidate would have no power, but it could show that island-wide e-voting was feasible. The mayor would be “symbolic” but the election would be a study in democracy.

Guernsey sets up an e- voting pilot project

Guernsey chief minister Jonathan Le Tocq said it was an interesting concept and he was in favor of engaging more people in politics.

Guernsey’s parliament, the States of Deliberation, is made up of 47 representatives, elected as people’s deputies, in multi-member districts, and two representatives of the States of Alderney.

The Dandelion Project was launched with the goal of making Guernsey “the best place to live on earth by 2020”.



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Guernsey sets up an e- voting pilot project
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