On March 1st, ‎Estonia ‬will elect the new members of the Parliament. The Estonian National Electoral Committee has already opened the voting periods for those citizens that wish to take advantage of advance voting (presential) and also for i-voting.

According to the electoral body, this is the elections timetable:

19-22.02.2015 advance voting at county centres;
19-25.02.2015, Internet voting;
23-25.02.2015, advance voting, all polling places are open (12.00-20.00);
1.03.2015, voting day (9-20.00).

Since 2005, Estonia has successfully carried 7 national elections giving all voters the option to vote online. According to researchers Kristjan Vassil and Mihkel Solvak, Estonians have embraced the internet voting solution, which has proven its worth over the past years.

Here we present you a downloadable step-by-step guide on how to vote in Estonia using the i-voting system.

How to vote in Estonia using i-voting

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