With only a few days left to the general election and the impending risk of many voters getting disenfranchised as a result of inability to collect their permanent voter card (PVC), the Nigerian Computer Society (NCS) has urged the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) and the Federal Government to consider adopting electronic voting.

NCS said that e-voting will not only be cost-efficient, but also will dissipate whatever doubt the electorate might have concerning the electoral authority’s partiality.

NCS insists electronic voting is feasible in Nigeria

Prof. David Adewumi, president of the NCS, said that there is no reason why the country should not adopt e-voting, a system the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) have used with great success.

The major requirement would be the infrastructure, including the information technology (IT) equipment, and capacity building. Then the Independent Electoral Commission needs to provide the purposeful leadership, required to deploy the technology essential for e-voting.

About concerns regarding the low level of computer literacy among Nigerian citizens, the NCS chief declared they were not alarming, since most of the citizens know how to use mobile phones and have computers at home.

Source: http://thenationonlineng.net/new/ncs-insists-electronic-voting-practicable/

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NCS insists electronic voting is feasible in Nigeria