“Electronic vote, a Global Perspective” was the title given to the theory and practice workshop ran by Smartmatic representatives last June 7th, in Mexico.

Journalists representing El Financiero, ADN Político, Expansión, Grupo Imagen, Terra México y Mundo Ejecutivo, came to the workshop, and were shown the benefits of implementing electronic voting systems.


The workshop was divided into two sections:

1.- ¿Why to automate electoral processes?

2.- Types of voting systems.

Smartmatic representatives showed several successful cases of electronic vote implementation in different countries. They also reviewed the challenges facing Mexico as it considers adopting automated voting for future elections.

“Electronic vote offers a great number of benefits that Mexico is missing out. It is a much more secure system than manual voting.  It is practically inviolable, accurate, simple, and it can be audited”, stated Samira Saba, Smartmatic’s Director of Communications.

Lastly, the attendees had the chance to try out Smartmatic’s advanced voting technology and attest the many advantages this automated voting system provides.


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Smartmatic runs an electoral technology workshop in Mexico
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