1. On December 6, 2015 Venezuela will hold elections to elect by popular vote the 167 deputies of its National Assembly for a period of 5 years.
  2. 164 deputies will be elected for the country’s federal entities and circuits, out of which 113 will be elected nominally and 51 by means of lists. Additionally, 3 indigenous representatives will also be elected nominally.
  3. There are a total of 1,799 candidates registered for these elections.venezuelan-parliamentary-elections
  4. The voter registry comprises 19,496,365 voters.
  5. The e-voting platform to be used includes 40,601 voting machines; plus the same number of voter authentication devices and of e-ballots.
  6. Over 135,000 pieces of equipment will be deployed on Election Day.
  7. 14,515 polling centres will open on December 6th.
  8. This parliamentary election includes 11 audits and 2 test runs, as follows: an engineering test, an audit of the voting machines’ software, an audit of the biometric system, a voting simulation, an audit to the voting infrastructure, an audit of the preparation of the voting machines, an audit of the tallying software, an audit of the national tabulation centre, a pre-dispatch audit, a pre-election telecommunications audit, a citizen verification (phase I), a post-election telecommunications audit, and an additional citizen verification (phase II).
  9. According to the Venezuelan National Electoral Council, the states with the most voting circuits are: Zulia (12), Miranda (7), Carabobo (5) and Distrito Capital (5).
  10. The Venezuelan states with the most voters, and therefore the most polling centres are: Zulia, with 1,355 centres; Miranda, 1,125 centres; Lara, with 1,051 centres and the Capital District with 891 centres.

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