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A greater number of US states are using online platforms to simplify the voter registration process, facing the upcoming presidential elections in November.

Part of this effort by the authorities implies increasing turnout and cut down on expenses, letting citizens with valid ID register or update their voting information without the need for bureaucracy or paperwork.

This is why the online register that started almost a decade ago in Arizona is being implemented in most states today: 31 in total.

Those who support the use of technology for this stage of the electoral process consider that it has a positive effect on the young, who consider online registration an easy and accessible way to partake in elections.

Another key factor is savings, as made evident by a study by the Pew Trust in 2010, which shows Arizona moving from 83 cents per registered voter on paper to 3 cents for each voter registered online.

This is only one of the initial steps to modernize the American voting system, which according to a Smartmatic study from early 2016, is considered inefficient and outdated by 63% of the country’s young

Source: Land Line Magazine

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