The new year is traditionally a time for resolutions – from getting healthy to going back to school to spending more time with the kids. But for election officials and administrators, the new year offers a time to re-dedicate themselves to continuously improving election operations and integrity, as well as voting processes and turnout. With that in mind, we offer five practical ideas for election officials for their 2024 resolutions.

  1. Aggressively Fight Disinformation. With the availability of cheap, simple AI tools, the battle against election mis- and disinformation will only get harder in 2024. In the coming year, resolve to foster meaningful conversations about combating disinformation and proactively take steps against it, to ensure fair and transparent elections. Seek out and collaborate with experts. Develop an anti-disinformation strategy and put a crisis communication plan in place. (You can download our free Crisis Communications handbook by clicking here.)
  2. Strengthen Your Cybersecurity.  The new year is the perfect time reassess and strengthen your #cybersecurity. Consider calling an expert to assess your system and run diagnostics. One easy step is to update your hygiene practices: Delete security access for any staffers who left your organization; reset passcodes for storage and building access; get employees to reset their passwords; check your security camera system’s functionality and access.
  3. Ensure Accessibility.  Collaborate with disability organizations and other stakeholders to ensure elections are #accessible for all. Do accessibility evaluations of your polling centers. Assess your election technology to ensure it’s accessible – not just for voters but for poll workers, too.
  4. Advocate for Additional Voting Channels.  Investigate and endorse improved voting access to enhance voter turnout. In a world where election turnout is decreasing in most countries, election commissions need to better facilitate participation. Analyze how this can be achieved in your jurisdiction, taking into account your voters’ habits. For example, support mobile voting stations to increase access or explore online voting for specific groups, such as voters living abroad or those with disabilities.
  5. Enhance Communication.   Proactive outreach to your electorate is one of the cheapest, easiest ways to facilitate voter turnout. By providing clear and engaging information throughout the year you can foster a more informed and engaged voting population.

It’s our hope that you and your staff have a safe, secure and successful year ahead.

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Election Officials