In an interview for the Newspaper “La Mañana Neuquén”, political scientist Alejandro Prince expressed his view on electronic voting. He seemed very excited with the project for the electronic voting implementation in Argentina during the Tecnap 2012 event which takes place annually in the Neuquén province.

During his short interview from Imneuquen (link) Alejandro Prince talked about the system’s viability in large and small countries, with established or developing democracies. According to Mr. Prince, it is a system any country can easily adopt to improve the country’s democratic system.

Mr. Prince finds Argentina ready to adopt e-voting for several reasons. First of all, there is a real need. Also, the political will to adopt it exists and some of the legal hurdles have already been lifted in many of the provinces of the South American country. And last, but not least, the average Argentinean is ready to express his political views in a much more modern platform.

Prince is the Chairman of Prince & Cooke, Director of Prince Polls and Deputy Chairman of the Fundación Gestión y Desarrollo (Management and Development Foundation).

Full interview in Spanish

Alejandro Prince defends the implementation of electronic voting in Argentina