The book “E-Voting Case Law: A Comparative Analysis”, edited by Adrita Driza Maurer and Jodi Barrat, will soon be available. (Colection: Election Law, Politics, and Theory; Ashgate Publishing Limited, New edition, 2015).

The book deals with legislation and cases related to e-voting in thirteen countries in all five continents. It offers an overview of the legal framework related to global e-voting and explains how legal decisions can impact the development of electronic voting systems.

electronic voting
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With contributions from renowned experts in thirteen countries, the authors have debated not only about e-voting in controlled environments, but also about remote voting.

Each chapter examines the main rulings in specific country on the matter of e-voting and their possible impact on the future development of the system.

There are references about the emerging norms for e-voting, such as the Recommendation of the European Council, currently the only international legal instrument on electoral technology regulation. The book also covers the subject of how these laws impact other countries.

This work offers a broad, informative and approachable perspective on the historical, political and legal aspects of a very technical subject, and contributes to a better understanding of case law and how it impacts the future of the field.

The book will be useful for anyone with a special interest on e-voting, particularly for those in charge of making decisions about its implementation, electoral officials, researchers, academic institutions, NGOs and providers of these innovative solutions.


Experts publish overview on electronic voting case law