Ghanaians and Internet Voting
Ghanaians living abroad has encouraged a political debate about the Internet voting and rights of expats.

The continuous growth of Ghanaians living abroad and their important contribution to the nation’s GDP has encouraged a political debate in Ghana about the voting rights of expats. From the discussion, Internet voting has emerged as one of the preferred methods to enfranchise this portion of the population.

Recently, a research was carried out to identify the different elements influencing the potential use of internet voting by eligible voters living abroad. A sample of 71 respondents from Malaysia, Singapore and USA participated in the study.

The study revealed that political and socio-demographic elements, particularly education level (most of participants were students), were the strongest contributors to potential i-voting.

The study also found that in general, Ghanaian citizens living abroad have easy access to computers and internet connection, and they would adopt i-voting if the technology is implemented.

As proven in other latitudes, the implementation of e-voting Systems would greatly foster voting equality.


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Ghanaians living abroad favor Internet voting
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