Roslyn Fuller, aspiring candidate to representative of Fingal county during the latest general elections in Ireland, made available an online voting platform to the voters, so they could choose the main political topics that should be part of the agenda.

Despite not having gotten enough votes to secure a seat in the Dáil Éireann (the Lower House of the Irish Parliament), Fuller is continuing with this initiative, which aims to increase citizen participation through the use of digital technology to reinforce democracy.

Starting in September, the online voting platform will be available to the electorate, so they can select among a variety of problems that require attention both on a national and a local scale.

The voting and its results will not shy away from controversy, given the issues that Fingal residents will be able to address: tax payments and health care, along more contended issues such as drug legalization, basic income, international commerce treaties and abortion.

At the time of presenting this innovative public consultation system, Fuller said “I think it is important to give people the chance to exchange views on issues that don’t normally get much of an airing. I’m really curious to see what the people of Fingal have to say on these points.”

The candidate made clear that the online voting system is not a survey tool. “Participants will be able to interact with the information, read about the options, leave statements, propose new topics and leave links to relevant material”.

Although users will not be able to see how any other particular person has voted, they will be able to see how the community in general is voting.

Source: Independent

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