Recently, a Seminar entitled “Experiences of electronic voting in Mexico and the World” was held at the Federal Electoral Institute in Mexico City.

In the closing ceremony, the elections counselor María Macarita Elizondo Gasperín, talked about the feasibility of electronic voting throughout the country, which should be carried out gradually and with the participation of all stakeholders.

Elizondo Gasperín stressed the need to involve multicultural minorities.

“We must learn from our own experience and from those countries that have implemented electronic voting, in order to build a strong institution and help citizens in the exercise of their rights,” said the also member of the Temporary Commission for research and technical studies on the feasibility of electronic voting in federal elections.

Achieving political consensus around the need to create an accurate and effective regulatory framework would be also essential for the implementation of these new technologies, thereby contributing to the credibility of overall processes.

According to Mrs. Elizondo, embracing electronic voting should be a comprehensive long-term project that not only could save financial resources, but could also contribute to preserve the environment for future generations by eliminating the use of paper in electoral processes.


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