The members of the Nigerian Senate confirmed the election of new Supreme Court members, this time using a novelty item: e-voting machines. 

“The whole process was carried out by pressing a button”, stated the senators, who claimed the voting was just as simple as saying “yes” or “no”.

Since last May, the Senate adopted voting technology to grant more transparency to their decision-making process, given that in previous sessions some senators exploited the fact that their votes left no trace to change them at the last minute.

This system obeys one of the objectives of their legislative agenda – to guarantee more transparency and trust in the Senate’s decisions.  “We are working with investors to evaluate systems that will get us a Parliament adapted to new technologies”.

This was not their first e-voting experience; the 2014 vote on the review of the Constitution was carried out electronically. 

Nigeria is working to face electoral challenges with new e-voting technologies, the biometric registration of voters and other innovations that generate greater transparency, security and trust on electoral results.

Source: Techcabal

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Nigerian Senate chooses Supreme Court members using e-voting
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