The execution of a transparent national election, that is efficiently executed and yields legitimate results, represents a huge challenge that requires a careful planning of all the numerous steps of the electoral process, the collection and processing of a considerable amount of information, and the monitoring of every single event during Election Day.

Since 2004, Smartmatic has been the integrator of the modern voting system that is in place in Venezuela. As such, the company provides technology and complementary services, and oversees the entire end-to-end execution of the elections.

Thanks to its outstanding technical performance, Venezuelan elections have gained the recognition of electoral experts around the world. Smartmatic has managed to combine best practices and processes, with motivated and well-prepared staff, and the most advanced technology available.

The last Venezuelan elections, in which the governors and legislative councils for 23 states were elected, are a good example of the massive tasks undertaken by Smartmatic. 128,450 sophisticated pieces of equipment (36,220 voting machines, 56,010 e-ballots, and 36,220 biometric authentication devices), were deployed in 12,784 polling stations so that a universe of 17,421,946 voters could elect their representatives.

One of the tools that have allowed Smartmatic to have an exemplary management of all Venezuelan elections is the Election Day Management Platform (EDMP). Based on a Tickets and Events system that classify which of the problems detected requires the attention of an electoral officer, this tool enables its users to fully monitor and control the development of an election, making the timely correction of any problem much easier.

The following graph shows the activities the EDMP helps manage:


Election processes


Logistics and distribution Electoral officers
Polling station setup Support operators (Call Center)
Opening the polls Coordinator of the electoral center
Closing the polls Logistics operators
Vote counting Consolidation operators
Results collection Electoral kit
Storage of the electoral kits Polling centers
Consolidation Polling stations
Proclamation of results Consolidation center


The Real-Time Electoral Information System (REIS), the Electoral Management System (EMS) and the EDMP make up the electoral solutions portfolio that Smartmatic has used to achieve successful electoral deployments all around the world.

With the successful execution of the end-to-end solutions deployed, Smartmatic demonstrates that is much more than just innovative voting machines.

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Smartmatic: much more than innovative voting machines
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