About 70% of Swiss expatriates will be able to cast their ballots online for the parliamentary elections in October 2015. The Organization of the Swiss Abroad hopes that every registered Swiss living abroad will be able to vote electronically in 2019.

Switzerland is a pioneering country in internet voting. The numbers of potential Swiss participants has continued to grow and the security of the electronic voting process has been improved.

Switzerland updates internet voting

In the next election, each voter abroad will receive a series of individual verification codes along with the personal election material. After a vote has been cast, the system will forward a verification code for the sender to compare against the code on the voting documents. A match confirms that the desired candidate was chosen.

Security experts all agree that this form of individual verifiability makes i-voting intrinsically more secure.

Source: http://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/multimedia/e-voting-makes-slow-but-steady-progress/41074338?rss=true

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Switzerland updates internet voting system