On May 9, 2016 The Philippines will hold general elections. This election will mark the third consecutive time that the Philippines automates the process.

Philippine elections

  • The Philippine presidential elections will take place on May 9th 2016.
  • Citizens will vote to choose a new President, Vice president, 12 senators, a district representative, a party list representative and an official for their province, city or municipality. There will be 44,872 candidates total.
  • At least 55,736,801 Filipinos are registered to vote during the process. Voting hours are 6 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • The Philippines will automate their national elections for a third time, further consolidating its position as a leader in election technology adoption.
  • Nearly 56 million unique ballots were printed for these elections.
  • Over 92,509 vote counting machines will be deployed. They will be used to register the votes of the electorate and begin vote counting.
  • In addition to their paper ballot, voters will be able to validate their choices by means of a voting voucher printed by the counting machine.
  • Over a million Filipinos are eligible to vote from 58 different countries. Filipinos residing abroad have already started voting.

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