The National Association of Nigerian Students and the alumni of Adeyemi College of Education have congratulated the Student Centre of this institution for adopting an electronic voting system that allowed a clean and peaceful election of the new student representatives.

The electoral process was supervised by the electoral authorities, who described e-voting as a good innovation capable to provide credibility to voting, and encouraged other educational institutions to adopt the system.

E-voting in Nigeria

The local government authorities also praised the actions of the universities representatives in order to guarantee the process was peaceful; the authorities also congratulated the students for their active participation in this exercise.

When commenting on the advantages of e-voting, the institution’s Provost stated that this voting system helped prevent the tensions seen before during Student Council elections.

The university authorities praised the Project Management Administration and the university’s Integrated Communication Network, as well as the IT staff, whose participation guaranteed the electoral process.

The Provost congratulated the winners and new student representatives, and voiced once more his willingness to work with them for the benefit of the university.


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