The United Nations celebrates Democracy Day on September 15. This holiday represents a perfect opportunity to promote the work being done around the world to bolster social inclusion and democratic participation.

This year, the agenda established by the UN is entitled “Democracy in times of tension: solutions for a changing world”, which highlights the need to “make democracies more inclusive, attracting young people and other marginalized groups to the political system, and making these democracies more innovative in their response to emerging challenges, such as migration and climate change. ”

At Smartmatic we firmly believe that technology is vital to achieve this goal. Technology can offer innovative solutions to allow the young and marginalized social groups to participate in elections.

To celebrate Democracy Day 2018 we are remembering 4 projects in which our voting technology helped conduct more inclusive and participative elections:

Online participation reaches 85% during referendum in Norway: Online voting reached an astonishing 85.5% of the total votes cast during a regional referendum held in Norway in May.

Voters of all ages preferred to cast their vote online using TIVI, the safe and verifiable online voting solution of Smartmatic-Cybernetica. 95% of voters under 60 chose to use this solution.

Citizens of Lombardy, Italy used technology during an autonomy referendum: On October 22, 2017, the Italian region of Lombardy held the first fully automated election in Italy. For this regional referendum more than 24,700 Smartmatic voting machines were deployed to facilitate the voters of all ages.

Estonia reaches online participation record with new voting system: Estonia used its online voting platform during the local elections of October 2017, establishing an online participation record and registering the online vote of 186,034 citizens.

This way Estonia ratified its role as a pioneer in the implementation of online voting.

Greater transparency in Uganda’s general elections in 2016: For the 2016 general elections, more than 32,000 biometric identification devices were used to prevent voter identity theft. In Confidence of the voters in the election process increased. And this could mean higher participation rates in the future.

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