Several Latin American countries are considering including new technology in their elections to optimize resources, streamline processes and ensure quicker results.

Some of the countries that have already held elections this year include Costa Rica, El Salvador, Panama and Colombia. Some of them were able to test voting technology, while others began to feel the need to modernize their own systems.

Latin America: the road to electronic voting

Brazil and Venezuela are the only countries that have implemented electronic voting systems in every phase of the elections. Brazil will be conducting general elections in October.

The savings in logistics, printing, and transporting ballots are a few of the factors to keep in mind when making the decision to invest in voting technology.Moreover, electronic voting guarantees transparency. The digital system reduces human errors as well as invalid and accidental votes.

Samira Saba, the communications director for Smartmatic, said, “Carrying out a national election in the fifth biggest country in the word with an electorate of 138 million voters is always a challenge. But thanks to automation, and the compromise of its innovative electoral commission, Brazil has held elections with outstanding results.”

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Latin America: the road to electronic voting