Romanian authorities announced that an e-voting platform will be implemented for the December parliamentary elections. This platform should make it easier for Romanians residing abroad to exercise their democratic right.

Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos, who leads a government of technocrats, informed that both electronic and postal votes will be available as options, and there will be a greater number of polling stations available to Romanians residing abroad.

In 2014, the government was criticized for the long lines at the embassies and consulates where citizens went to vote; some of them could not even exercise their right to choose a president.

The European Parliament met in Brussels in June to deal with the matter of overseas voting, using as an example the fact that most Britons residing outside the UK could not participate in the Brexit referendum.

During this meeting, representatives from Smartmatic – a company with ample experience in the development of Internet voting technology –  stressed the advantages of remote voting and how it can help increase voter turnout.

With success cases like Estonia – where votes were cast from 98 different countries for their 2014 elections – Smartmatic considers of great importance to implement this technology, which can empower voters anywhere in the globe they reside.

Source: EU Observer

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Romanians will be able to vote abroad with e-voting
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