Smartmatic and Cybernetica, the Estonian R&D lab that built the original Internet voting system used in Estonia, have created a first-of-a-kind Centre for Excellence to advance Internet voting on a global scale.

Smartmatic centre of excellence Internet voting
Cybernetica centro of excellence Internet voting
This centre of research and development, called the Smartmatic – Cybernetica Centre for Excellence for Internet Voting, will improve Internet voting by approaching it from a wide array of viewpoints: user-friendliness and convenience, ergonomics and accessibility, security and auditability.

A history of excellence in Estonia

In 2005 Estonia became the first country to adopt Internet voting on a national scale. During the past ten years, Estonia has been at the global leading edge of the implementation of Internet voting.

Today, it is the only one having offered its citizens the option of securely casting a ballot from their homes. As much as 30% of Estonians have voted online in the seven general elections held over the last ten years.

The new incorporation of Cybernetica to Smartmatic’s comprehensive portfolio of voting solutions, gives the Estonian Internet voting system a global scale.

Click here to read more or visit the Internet Voting Centre website.

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Smartmatic creates centre of excellence for Internet voting
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