Smartmatic, the elections company, delivered yet another successful automated project in Venezuela as it deployed the technological voting platform used in last Sunday´s elections.

Elecciones Venezuela 2013 Smartmatic

In approximately ten hours 2,792 municipal posts were elected among 16,088 candidates. Some 11.2 million voters headed to the polls  for a 58.92% turnout. This resembles the historical average for elections of this kind in Venezuela.

48,340 pieces of electoral equipment, comprising voting machines, laptops, biometric authentication devices, among others, were deployed in 13,651 voting centers. Additionally, Smartmatic provided software that offered real-time monitoring, as well as managed services to help run every electoral process.

A few hours after polls closed, 97% of the electoral data had been transmitted. The results of 77% of the municipalities in dispute were announced only couple of hours after the polls closed. Results were broadcasted by the National Electoral Council of Venezuela and all candidates accepted the legitimacy of results. In total, 58,054,847 votes were processed by the automated voting platform.

As integrator of the entire voting system, Smartmatic managed a team of 77,986 workers performing tasks such as system configuration and priming, tech support, tallying and more.

This electoral contest marks the thirteenth time Venezuela has successfully run a national election using the company’s technology and project management services.

Watch a video explaining the Venezuelan voting process.

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Smartmatic delivers another successful automated election in Venezuela