The Edelman Trust Barometer 2021 revealed that compared to 2020, trust in search engines has decreased by 6%, in traditional media by 8%, and in social media by 5%.

Electoral authorities and voting technology providers have seen similar declines, given that they have been the targets of constant disinformation attacks over the results of the 2020 elections and the election process – the core of democracy.

The CEO of Smartmatic, Antonio Mugica, recently participated in a webinar titled, “The Democracy Tech Built.” Together with Lea Endres, co-founder of Nation Builder, and Steve Clemons, editor of The Hill, Mugica shared his thoughts on the role of technology in democracy, the challenges it faces and its future influence in facilitating voter participation.

We need a new form of governance for the Information Age


Disinformation has distorted the real record of success for voting technology


New tech from private companies is allowing citizens to engage with government in ways they never could before

The dark side of tech is being offset by innovations to protect privacy and security

Election officials need a bigger voice in tech policy and can help smother disinformation


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