Regardless of how well an election appears to be run or how neat the voting process goes for each constituent, people must have a great deal of confidence that the integrity of the election and its results are suitably upheld. This includes the security and confidentiality of each individual ballot and the certainty that each voter is adequately authenticated and verified.

Thereby, biometric voter identification technology it’s been proposed to be implemented in the state of New Mexico.


While the proposal is certainly still in its early stages, an example of using a regular consumer smartphone as a method of identifying a voter using biometric data was offered.  Smartphones have fingerprint readers on them. Using these biometric fingerprint readers would be far more cost-effective than if governments were to develop a brand new solution from the ground up.

Biometric authentication would not only prevent voter fraud but also may promote greater voter turnout among the poorest by facilitating an easier mechanism of electoral registration

Biometrics may represent the future of security in increasingly electronically-geared elections.


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New Mexico could implement biometric voter registration
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