On March 8 we are joining the United Nations 2019 celebration of Women’s Day. This is a wonderful opportunity to invite everyone to “Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change.”

However, before we celebrate, we wanted to list seven ways in which the election technology industry can help improve women participation and innovation:

1-.Invest in STEM education, creative projects, and learning through play for girls and women. Work in partnership with government clients, non-profit organizations, public institutions. “Partnership between government and education providers was cited by 40% of female IT decision-makers as the best way to increase the number of girls choosing Stem subjects,” cited Computer Weekly

2-.Advocate for equality in the workplace among public policymakers an Election Management Bodies. “88% of countries still have restrictions against women in the workplace embedded in the constitution or law. Some forbid women from doing specific jobs, 59 countries have no laws against sexual harassment in the workplace, and there are 18 countries where women can be legally prevented from working.” Christine Lagarde, head of the International Monetary Fund (2019 interview.)

3-.Raise global interest in tech and cyber security and make it particularly more attractive and accessible to women. Believe in role models. When women inspire, advise and mentor each other, the potential for gender-equality success increases. “Help other women in the industry. This is a great way to establish yourself as an industry leader. Help other women in the industry,” said Cecilia Harvey, founder of Tech Women Today.

4-.Assist and reinforce young female professionals during the first years of their careers in election technology. “A Kaspersky Lab study (2019) found that 34% of female IT professionals in Europe were uncomfortable about the gender imbalance in the industry at the start of their careers. The research found that 53% of female tech workers would be less likely to join an organization if there was a clear gender imbalance, something that was true of only 38% of men.”

5-.Learn and share the significance and benefits of hiring women in technology. One in five computing jobs is held by a woman worldwide. Moreover, it is estimated that over 900K tech professionals will be required in the EU by 2020. “Employing women is good for business. The European Commission estimated that €9 billion ($11 billion) could be added to the European Union’s annual GDP if gender parity was achieved in technology companies.” Gillian Tans, booking.com CEO.

6-.Take advantage of unique and robust skills women offer to R&D and innovation projects. For example, “women not only bring new skills to the workplace, but they also help to boost productivity. If countries ranked in the bottom 50% for gender equality abandon discriminatory laws, could see a substantial increase in the size of the economy by 35% on average.” The Guardian.

7-.Be of great value in your business and for your Always. “Women want to work for companies that are progressive, innovative and visionary in nature,” Lynn Lucas from Cohesity interviewed by Forbes

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