Compared to some tech industries, the election technology business is sometimes labeled by outsiders as sluggish or slow to innovate. That’s certainly not the case at Smartmatic. We launched our new line of election technology and it’s a huge step forward. The products were designed to meet new VVSG 2.0 guidelines recently adopted by the US Election Assistance Commission (EAC).

And we’re excited to be the first company to submit voting technology for US federal certification under the new Guidelines. According to Smartmatic’s Director of US Operations, James Long, the company applied to begin EAC certification process with ProV&V, an EAC-acredited testing laboratory, and is moving forward with the first steps in the process – Test Readiness Reiview and functional testing.

The line includes:

  • a ballot marking device (BMD), that provides universal access for voters of all abilities
  • an optical ballot scanner (tabulator) for precincts (PCOS)
  • an optical scanner for centralized counting facilities (CCOS), and;
  • our Election Management System software (EMS), which helps officials streamline all aspects of election administration.

Watch this video to learn more about our new solution.

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In 2018, Smartmatic partnered with Los Angeles County to introduce the county’s groundbreaking VSAP voting system. (You can read about VSAP here.) We leveraged that experience in designing our own line – and not just the BMD. We noted all of the best benefits of the full VSAP system, from accessibility to interoperability, and developed it forward.

As you’d expect, each device is intuitive for voters and easy for election workers to operate with minimal training, enabling efficient elections. The system is fully auditable and completely scalable – each component is also available individually – making it suitable for any jurisdiction of any size. You can learn more about the full product line by clicking here.

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